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REAL Kombucha Royal Flush (0.5% abv) 330ml

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Royal Flush kombucha is brewed from First Flush Darjeeling, known in India as the Queen of Teas. The first two tips of the tea plant, picked as they emerge in the first bloom of spring, are dried carefully to tease out a character closer to a delicate white tea.

This kombucha delivers rich notes of rhubarb and gooseberry on the nose, rounding out to white fruits and even a touch of black currant. A delicate floral acidity with a relatively short finish makes it fresh and bright.

Served by many Michelin-starred restaurants, Royal Flush is ideal as a celebration drink in place of a champagne and perfect for mixing as a Kir or a Bellini like cocktail. Serve in a white wine glass or champagne flute.

Royal Flush pairs well with white meats, white fish and umami-rich cream sauces. It also works well as an aperitif, with charcuterie, in lieu of Sauternes with foie gras or dessert wines with pudding.